Do you like your rock loud, guitars at maximum overdrive and thunderous drums?Gut rumbling bass and soaring vocals? Then welcome home to SWITCHBLADE KISS.

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SWITCHBLADE KISS are sexy,sassy and above all rock n roll. Its a Guitar driven assault of energy and passion. Fusing elements of rock,grunge and metal to create truly catchy and original songs. Live the band drip sweat and adrenaline all over the goddamn place. Critics everywhere are commenting on the tight sound and addictiveness the bands music creates. As yet SBX remain unsigned, but with interest in them on the increase it surely can't be to long before somebody somewhere whisks them away to glory. Until then they soldier on, making new fans everytime they play and holding the torch for real music.

Fans of bands such as GnR, ACDC, Motley crue, Metallica, Iron maiden and the like will all find something they love in this band. But they are by no means sound-a-likes as so many new groups seem to be today. And its the fresh breeze of originality they bring which is what keeps their army coming to live shows again and again. Rock n Roll baby.