Adda bass & vocals
Grum Guitar
Waz Drums

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Hailing from the one of the most bleak towns in the Northeast,Blyth,snubbed originally started life as Blagg and had this name for a few years.

Blagg were starting to build up good interest and comming out of recording all sort of said at once we did'nt really like the name,so then followed a few months of lists and debate,after a few name changes we stuck with snubbed,as we feel we are often over looked and not held in much regard and also so much is over looked on this planet.

So in reality were a new band,but we do care about life and the state of this world and this is very much passed through our music and words,were not well known but the people who have seen us have been supprised and have wanted to know more about us and become friends.

People compare our style to the likes of Amebix,Black sabbath,Motorhead,Fudge tunnel to name a few and we find this the best compliment ever as these are the bands we grew with.