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Adam Shea
122 Hospital Dr. Apt#7
Watertown WI, 53098
(920) 248-9160

Shea first introduced himself to a microphone at eighteen after being out on bail and on house arrest. A self taught emcee who spent night after night in his basement writing, recording, and spreading his music any way he could in his solitary situation. Instead of using his felony and past history as a crutch, he flipped it and used it to relate his life to his listeners. Over time his emotions started coming through his songs, and that truth and realness struck a nerve with his fans.
He soon signed with Hampton Entertainment in New York for management and each party planned an East Coast tour to mostly be held at Hard Rock Cafe's, but months later companies promoting the tour opted out and the relationship with Hampton Entertainment was finished. Instead he chose to
promote himself, even if he had to get his music out there for free to open people's ears. Local television soon c