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Psychemodo are a Midlands-based 4 piece rock band, equally at home with plaintive melodies and kick-ass riffs. They play pop, rock, blues, jazz, funk with all of their songs. Not only do they blend these styles within the different tracks but they also do it within the songs themselves making strong, poignant, moody tracks into danceable tunes.

Their self-produced album “Strange Fruit” has been well received by fans and critics alike (“14 incredibly varied tracks… some real diamonds” - and regular appearances at venues throughout the Midlands are rewarding them with an increasingly vocal and dedicated fanbase.


Live Reviews:
“A band who should be going places” –

“A stunning performance with fun and excitement, a great rapprapport with the audience that was extremely appreciative, there was not a flat spot to PSYCHEMODO’s set. Real quality, excellent band.” Xposed Magazine