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  1. Achim Schultz


we formed originally in the 1980,s under the name vixen which came from a mates band Foxy and Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" . The original line up was, Steve Gratton on vocals, Mark Howell on bass, Jeff Cooke on lead guitar and vocals, Greg Wymess on drums and finally Paul Hume on lead guitar and vocals. inspite of a worldwide management deal and plays on the then "new " MTV and warner bros interest plus many many gigs (one can be seen here as a video on our myspace page) the band split under the pressure Its now 2007 we have reformed under the monicker" prisoner" named after one of our songs which you can hear on the album which is available to down load here,it contains many revamped old songs as well as some new and is due for release anytime (we'll keep you posted) tour dates will be forthcoming to promote the album,feel free to listen to some of the album tracks on here and give us your comments!! feel free to email or comment us we reply to all!! keep in touch and SEE YOU ON THE ROA