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Powderdust began in 1999 as an electro-dubduo and has since moved towards the pop-genre.
The music travels between electro-pop and rock and Powderdust has approached their debut album with the last 10 years of remix-culture in mind. Their inspiration spans from Kruder & Dorfmeister to Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and Brahms, and along the way some of the members have taken part in both World Music and Danish rock.

Powderdust often reveal dark and strong currents over the melodious and engaging songs, where even the slightest spark can create an explosion.

Certainly, this can be contributed to the groups many different approaches to music. Strong musical and compositional intuition flows from all members, of which the Danish/Irish singer Anne K is probably best known for her different projects, especially the highly innovative ensemble Pornorama. She provides the majority of the lyrics which are greatly inspired by her own upbringing as a Catholic - and the conflicts it brings to her