Progressive rock like Yes or Genesis, add the influence of Dream Theater and Joe Satriani, pour in a cup of electronica beats and samples, mix it all up and serve it as a movie soundtrack.

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Formed 1996 by Martin Svennberg and Philip Husberg in Jönköping, Sweden.
When the two originally very different views of music came together, the symbiosis of pROmEMORIA was born.
In the summer of 1997 Tom Lövby joined to play guitar, and this added an extra finesse and width to the pm sound.
In the fall of 1999 Mattias Bergström joined to do the lyrical and vocal works. You can experience the full blend and the feelings of pROmEMORIA in the selftitled full-length album. It was completed in dec 2000, and can be bought at the pROmEMORIA soundclick store.
In december of 2002 Mattias Bergström and pROmEMORIA went separate ways. In april 2005 Stefan Lindgren joined as new lead singer, and later that fall Jonas Ekestubbe joined as guitar player, in time to finish the second album 'The Darkening' in 2006.