This cd was recorded for all who love the summer in their life.

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Living a joyful and remaining healthy is my goal to achieve a vincentian who knows what he wants out of life Making my own self- written reggae/dancehall music, and performing with my band Mopion is one of my passions Another passion of mine, is a long but not forgotten one... being a fisherman!! The feeling of being free and living in peace, that came from my youth growing up on the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines , mainly on the island Bequia, pronounced (Bèkway ) in the Grenadines (JUST THE MUSIC)An fishing of course.known as the X-PIRATE nothing fases him the love of the ocean an music soon got him in europe where he began into the hip hop scene in the ninties.his first goal was to link up in the music throughout europe an then put his band together.Reggie D then went to canada where he produced his first solo cd JUS COOL then formed his band(MOPION) ">