mila kara


Creativity is the purest reflection of the inner world. Through it we can find, examine and change ourselves, to manifest love, joy, and to urge creation. We grow through what we create.

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Life is a constantly moving and changing experience and music itself follows the life path.
Milla Kara’s greatest influence comes from where culture and music mingled together without distractions of modern day living.

Her music is full of twists and turns as she unleashes the power of her imagination upon listeners.

Milla Kara was born and lives in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Her musical experience started at an early age when she started playing the piano.
Although she has graduated in engineering, music has always been her love.

Milla Kara offers up a combination of the classic qualities and pours into her composition the magic of “new age” technology.
Her music covers a wide array of emotions and fills your senses with positive energy as you travel through the heavens.

Take this journey and see how to unlock the way to the heart and soul!