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hi my names mark hodgson from the united kingdom.i have recently recorded my first covers album which covers the 50s 60s,rock n roll,ballads,love songs,country and swing.i have only been singing for 6months with no voice coaching,ive done this all off my own back after being spotted singing on karaoke one night and ive never looked back since learning new songs all the time and hoping someone somewhere in the world likes my voice.i would love to get involved in taking things further but i live out in the middle of nowhere and realy dont know how to progress or who to contact.maybe you could preview my 5 songs i have uploaded on here and let me know exactly what you think.any advice would be greatly finding it very frustrating at the moment as i love singing and entertaining people of all ages. i just hope someone will take their time to listen and point me in the right direction.the songs i have uploaded are from my debut album which i have just finished recordig

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Title:  brand new unsigned artist please listen
Created: Wednesday 07 March 11:25
Last Updated: Wednesday 07 March 12:27
Category:  General
Summary:hi im new on here and hoping someone somewhere will enjoy listening to my voice

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