Dance producer.

Studio: Online studio

Marcello has his first single out and its a really feel good track that will do really well.I recon this will be a top hit.
hudge fan of dj tiesto.
Im well impressed with this track as its fresh from recent stuff.

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Dance producer, with his first single out called memories.
very uplifting feel good dance single.
Marcello uses original stuff as he prefers not to use covers.
I was very impressed with this track when i first heard it.
Its such a feel good dance track that will appeal to all ages.
For his first single i rally think marcello has outdone himself.
I would say listen to this track and hear for your self.
I really thought this was the only good track he could come up with as with some new artists, but then i heard a preview of his next single and i recon either this or his next one will be a top ten hit.
Marcello has been doing music for five years now with online studio. at the young age of 29 i see this dance producer really making a name for himself out there.
Im keeping a close watch on this guy as he is going to be really big.
no suprise there as he is a big admire and a hudge fan of dj tiesto.

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Summary:new single out now. "memories" sexy uplifting dance track.

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