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Gettin the Groove is the debut CD from Los Gallos (Spanish for the roosters)

Latin rock & blues from Austin, Texas

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Los Gallos - Latin Rock & Blues from Austin, Texas

From Austin to Houston to the Rio Grande Valley, the energy and sound of LOS GALLOS is gathering steam and they are spreading their original brand of music across the Texas southwest and beyond.

A unique blend of musicians that are dedicated to their hot, hot brand of Texas-based, style of music, Los Gallos is a melting pot of original groove-oriented rhythm & blues, Latin and rock sounds. Think of a jam session with Carlos Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughn and you have Los Gallos.

Their debut CD, "Getting the Groove" showcases their original hits Maria Marisol, Free the People and Amor Prohibido.

The Song Maria Marisol was recently featured on the compilation CD “Operation: Rock the Troops” on the Bare Metal Record Label. The CD was sent to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for Christmas.

Los Gallos is planning their Summer 2007 tour so check their calendar and find out where they'll be performing. Don't miss them...

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