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As you know, we are working on the EP. It will be released in 2007 and live dates will follow.

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Lindsay D'arcy, quickly becoming a name synonymous with evocotive, lyrical, and moving songs, will be releasing a debut EP in April 2007.

D'arcy, has been put alongside contemporaries such as Damien Rice, David Gray, Nik Drake, Tracy Chapman, Dashboard Confessional and others, his music remains uniquely, Lindsay D'arcy.

Lindsay D'arcy, after many years travelling, returned to the UK in 2006, only to find a sense of crippling dispondency in his homeland: 'England broke my heart,' he said, which sent him to central Europe. Never knowing a family life, his enigmatic music is a rare find these days - poignant moments siezed; relationships, life and love, echoing a gentle soul's conflict with reality.

Look out for this remarkable song writer's debut EP 'Life Sized'.

Lindsey Darcy delivers a dark sound with contemplative lyrics that draw the ear as they draw the heart.

Artist's Hot Blog

Title:  American Dreaming:
Created: Monday 28 January 17:46
Last Updated: Monday 28 January 17:47
Category:  General
Summary:The latest D'arcy track: look out for it in the coming weeks - if you are American, take a deep breathe and let it go...............

Title:  EP has some nice ears and hands doing the mix
Created: Friday 05 October 08:54
Last Updated: Monday 28 January 17:45
Category:  General
Summary:Lindsay, performed the songs' American Dreaming', which was well recieved :-)

Title:  New Track: Zombies
Created: Saturday 19 May 11:01
Last Updated: Saturday 19 May 11:02
Category:  General
Summary:Hi kids..

check out the new 'lindsay d'arcy' trsack Zombies -

Created: Tuesday 24 April 07:52
Last Updated: Tuesday 24 April 07:52
Category:  General
Summary:When was the last time you recieved something special in the mail?

Title:  T.shirts now available
Created: Friday 20 April 10:01
Last Updated: Friday 20 April 10:01
Category:  General
Summary:Hi, there are fantatstic T.shirts now available for supporters of Lindsay's music: check it out -

Title:  Never Comes
Created: Friday 20 April 00:11
Last Updated: Friday 20 April 00:13
Category:  General
Summary:Never Comes: Lindsay D'arcy

Title:  Lindsay D'arcy Voted MySpace Diamond In The Rough
Created: Tuesday 17 April 11:52
Last Updated: Tuesday 17 April 11:55
Category:  General
Summary:Read the reviews: The latest review of Lindsay D'arcy on My Space

Title:  Last Song
Created: Tuesday 10 April 07:02
Last Updated: Tuesday 10 April 07:16
Category:  General
Summary:So pleased to say that the last song for the debut EP was done over this holiday. D'arcy has growne a beard,

Title:  Stunning Concert
Created: Thursday 05 April 08:16
Last Updated: Thursday 05 April 08:22
Category:  Live Shows
Summary:Last night's show    

Title:  Compie problems
Created: Saturday 03 March 11:23
Last Updated: Saturday 03 March 11:25
Category:  General
Summary:Computer problems

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