leslie lewis walker


Never give up. If you feel something you are doing can amount to something, follow your dream. That is exactly what I am doing. No road is ever easy, but the rewards can be phenomenal.

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Leslie Lewis Walker

I am an all round music producer..... that attempts to recreate my vision through music!......... From when i was young i have had a love for music. From singing in concerts to composing my own work. I did the whole Uni thing and finished in 2004, but coming out with a degree in Music Management and studio production did not mean that i was any better off. It taught me that its more of a business that can burn and scare people......... On the other hand, I think music is within us all. It binds people together and can be used as a means of communication.

To say music is beautiful would be an understatement. To say that music is one of the few wonders of this world still existing, would be more of a fitting description...................