The next single will be “Getting Into You” will be released in the new year, followed by the album “Uppers and Downers” on Freezer Recordings. www.whothehellisleon.com

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Formed in Derby from a hybrid of bands early 2004, Leon started recording infectious tunes at a Nottingham studio within a month. Having written an album’s worth of material, the band were determined to commit the songs to CD and get on with playing live. Uppers and Downers, the debut album from Leon is now ready for release. Basically a collection of twisted love songs, Uppers and Downers deals mainly with the pros and cons of sex and death (surprisingly, not all pros for the former, and not all cons for the latter…), fusing new and old in the mix, from an injection of Hammond organ here to home-grown electronica there. The first single from Uppers and Downers “Be There” has had a great reaction from radio and press alike; Daily Mirror Single of the Week - “tuneful pop, so memorable…an achievement” Unpeeled Review - “Slick and scuzzy lo-fi pop rocking that’s as cool and crisp as it’s fuzzy” Subba-Cultcha.com Review – “a slightly wonkier coldplay, exactly what the world needs now!"