leisur hive


"Dark, slowly uncoiling post rock open wound adventure to change the way you stand..." Organ, UK.

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One of the most visceral, intense and interesting bands in the UK, Leisur Hive were formed by Daniel Knowler and Maria Vellanz after a chance meeting 13 years after they first met as children.

They began Leisur Hive as an attempt to fuse angular, percussive forms with intensely emotional songwriting. The line-up was solidified with the addition of longtime friend and collaborator Mark Bishop and drummer Robert Allen.

Their close-to-the-bone, emotional performances, distorted soundscapes and throbbing, thunderous basslines have often been compared to such sonic individualists as Joy Division, Swans and The Fall. But Leisur Hive remain solely focused on their own wayward path.
The album, '3 TON EDITION' is out now.