I am a writer and an artist and I oftly play piano, and ...hope you like my music! I´d like to hear from ya, so drop me a line will you? If you write to me, I will write to you!
SinceI compose music, I would be glad if someone played some of it!

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I am a writer of mainly jazz music .I play the tenor sax ,guitar and keyboards.
I have a home site which you are welcome to! : ----- There you can get my sheet music free too for some of the tunes I have written. I write for small combos and for smaller jazz orchestras. Here I am mostly showing up my fingerings on the piano and what is available here on arkade is thus the live part of the music! If you want to hear the written music, please go to my home site!
My other interrests are drawing in ink and such and I am fond of walking around in my city of Gothenburg and have no need of travelling around, since I do think my imagination is pretty strong, along with my self-confidence.
I am also interested in philosophy, especially the problem of authority ( along the lines sketched by John Locke centuries ago)......So, I am really busy..