My name is Joelle. My birthname is Jessica Joelle Peeples. I have always been a vocalist, and taught myself piano. I write, perform and record all of my music myself. I suggest that you listen to the entire song, as my vocals are stronger than that of many people in the industry as I sang opera.

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Hi my name is Joelle (aka Jessica Joelle Peeples). I have always been a vocalist, but during my last year of high school I taught myself piano and began composing songs. I have always been a poet, but I began lending that poetry to music. My vocals are very powerful, and during my first two years of college I received the highest scholarship for my abilities in singing opera. My songs are very lyrical and poignant. They are all derived from personal experience. There is no bubble gum pop or dance music here. My music is unique and original. I write, perform and record everything myself right here in my apartment. If you'd like to know more about me, see more pictures, or HEAR 5 ENTIRE SONGS FOR FREE, check out Thanks for listening and have a great day!!! My music, lyrics and the stagename "Joelle Maddyson" are copyright 2007 to Jessica Joelle Peeples. Also IT TAKES A FEW SECONDS FOR BOTH SONGS TO PLAY IN THE PREVIEW PLEASE BE PATIENT=)