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Jim Bjorklund
jimjimblund is the creator/selfdivider/soul-dna splitter that gave place in time(but not in space yet since the process is hard on the mind) for the slumberparty rascal and mystic idiot of the deathless self we all know so well,first it was only titles.Who doesnt remember tryouts like "dont hit her anymore" and the evergreene "To Dare,To Be Able,To Be" or the 1967 version "i dare -IM ABLE -i am
A DREAM" The former mentioned,'dont hit her' came in a small quantity of 500 signed ex 97, under the new title "one woman a week is killed-week34; MARY"
The 98 scandal of jimjim's airhabits was never played out and he hints that a title of air and water addiction is a work in progress. But he claims he "breathes like always you too and one glass of cold water always been the poor mans greeting for the wanderer and roughness riders at hot devil days-you are culturehistory deniers,falsifiers"