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Ismaiil is a Rap/hip hop artist and songwriter out of Africa. His influence includes Bob Marley (of Blessed Memory), Asha and Arrested Development. He has already won millions of fans in his short time as a music artist. He holds a degree in Geograph

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More than just a Super Star . . .

His name is Rahim Ismaiil. He was raised in a small town in Nigeria somewhere in the eastern part far off from the Man made mountains of the somewhat greener pastures and smoother roads of the Capital City Abuja. Many years ago he was simply known as “Ismaila” until repeated happenings around him inspired him to go out there and tell the stories of millions who are just like him. To tell this story well needs him to change his identity from the shy Ismaila to a bold Rahim Ismaiil? He spent 16 years of his life trying to achieve this.

Most of the people he knew and grew up with have yet to leave. Many songs he has written in his room or car is truly their story; the dreams and desires they once held that finally seemed to hover and then disappear like the smoke from the power plant in the Capital City, apparently gone forever but invisibly managing to linger in the air. This are songs haunted by the ghosts of his falling friends that seeme

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Title:  Ismaiil
Created: Monday 17 May 21:11
Last Updated: Monday 17 May 21:11
Category:  General
Summary:"Ismaiil – Rap and Hip Hop up in smoke like the wildest music tour.
So deaf one song and he hit the nail on the head. Ismaiil got loosed screaming, his confessions "me, myself and I." You know, blistering macho-rhythm embodying the best of Rap and Hip Hop.

Title:  Hip hop's Latest Sensation
Created: Monday 17 May 21:07
Last Updated: Monday 17 May 21:08
Category:  General
Summary:Originality doesn’t even begin to describe your latest Rap/hip hop sensation, Ismaiil. As many as his million fans already know, this protégée is continuing to prove book makers wrong as he continue to drag a lot of crowd anytime he performs 

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