Graham Philip d'Ancey
Acclaimed, Award-winning Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, born in London, England, but lives in the Poitou Charente in France with his wife and a couple of stray cats.

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Sacred Heart : The Sacred Project EP 1980/1

I have had many request's for this and also for the Album “Alluma” which were on vinyl, CD’s were only then just beginning to be introduced.
The four compositions of the project; Heart, Dance, Passion and Blood were intended for an EP release. Only Heart was released as a single in 1981 on the Blue September label, and is still played on radio now.
Heart and Dance have been remixed as original and Digitally Mastered, I have tried hard to keep the warm analogue sound and spirit. Interestingly both the single and album were not great pressings. there was bad distortion on the top end - cymbals etc. They now sound exactly as I intended.
As for the rest - Watch this space - and always feel free to contact me.

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