Who wants good music, thats new and thats the next big thing? Famsquadilliana is the answer. The Rebirth coming 08

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hey, did you get chance to check my song "swagga" out, let me know if its good, or do I need to step out infront of a moving bus and end it,lol. just joking, but let me know if you like it?

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Title:  Does music have Power?
Created: Tuesday 01 April 23:15
Last Updated: Tuesday 01 April 23:15
Category:  General
Summary:Can music cure depression? or maybe a broken heart? I think maybe it can!

Title:  I'm tired of people!!!
Created: Tuesday 01 April 23:10
Last Updated: Tuesday 01 April 23:10
Category:  General
Summary:Is music back in the day , better than today? or do listers need to open up their eyes?

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