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euphoreador uses many styles in his music, from industrial beats and noise to melodious hammered dulcimer, from poetic soundscapes to aural creations. His music delves into a myriad of styles and sounds. In addition to creating music, euphoreador also does many forms of art, from video to poetry to painting. He also produces a poetry show called i-outlaw that can be found through his site. Josh Hinck is the driving force behind euphoreador and his first band's music Confession of Faith can also be found through his site. Josh Hinck has lived and created art and organized artists in Beijing, Montreal, Minneapolis and is always trying to find self wherever he may reside.

ChineSeXXX American Idolatry is a journey that touches on a multiplicity of subjects pertaining to modern civilizations and cultures as witnessed first hand while Josh Hinck lived in Beijing and Montreal, completing the album after moving back to Minneapolis. This album has a