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I have always been interested in creating music and writing songs. I played keyboards in a band for a couple of years and then spent a period of time as a Lighting Director, lighting other musicians!
And then in 2001 my musical interest was re-kindled and I began again to write new material using my computer, keyboard and royalty free samples.
My music embodies many different styles and influences, from Dance, Trance, Techno, Ethno, Ambient and Chill out! - (And even some Punk, and Rock!)
I have uploaded a couple of tracks here at ARKADE for you to listen to, to give you a taste of what I have been creating.
Using technology presently available, I have tried to produce something with energy, emotion, dynamics, atmosphere and a freshness not normally associated with "so called" computer generated music!
I hope that this feeling is passed on to you, and that you enjoy listening to my music as much as I have enjoyed creating it?
Best regards,