Bob Haddrell


Bob Haddrell Vocals and piano is well know on both the UK Blues and Jazz he is in great demand...

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A Shaded Spot

 Artist: Bob Haddrell
Genre:  Jazz
Moods: Atmospheric / Sensual
Description: The album ‘A Shaded Spot’ is a cool piano based Jazz offering, a result of a collaboration between Bob and long time friend drummer Dino Coccia with Bob providing soulful vocals.
Cost: $9.25
1. Mr Mickel and Dime.. $0.95
2. Undercurrent of Confusion.. $0.95
3. A Slip of the Tongue.. $0.95
4. A Shaded Spot.. $0.95
5. Song and Story.. $0.95
6. Consultation Man.. $0.95
7. Natural Selection.. $0.95
8. Upset Blues.. $0.95
9. Ladies of the Lord.. $0.95
10. Other Side of the Line.. $0.95
11. Tippin.. $0.95