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Darwyn are a 4 piece Rock band from Essex, UK.


With Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Bass Drums they create a very large sound when they want, and they are also very musical.

Darwyn formed in late 2005 as a 3 piece and released their first EP, 'Straight to the A Game'. From there Darwyn quickly went on to record their first album 'When You Wake' which was well received.
The band took the album round the East of England and London in 2006 and began to create a following.
In the beginning of 2007 Darwyn released their second EP, 'Little Sunlight', which was quickly followed by the release of their very popular songs 'Junior' and 'Electro Sex Show'.

In November 2007 the band took on Bass player Gareth Crane. Gareth has quickly settled in to the band and everyone is very excited to be working together.