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Chemmis Porter, known to his fans as Smoke Dogg, is no stranger to the hip hop music culture.
This New Orleans native recognized the abili

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Smoke & Doe’ Ja
Born and raised in what now is known famously as the “UPT” Smoke and Doe’ja we’re born in the 17th ward in the neighborhood of Gertown. Having been exposed to the usual climate of violence and drugs the boy’s mother though it would be better for them to move downtown with there grandmother to a middle class neighborhood in the 9th ward. Press Park would only offer the same environment being so close to one of the city’s most notorious projects. The Desire was known for some of the city’s most violent crimes, and that’s where they would get their first taste of rap music. Doe’ja was introduced to the hip hop culture by his big brother E-Mac which helped him expose his self in Grambling, LA doing shows at various clubs with artist like UNLV, B.G. and U.G.K. Being heavily influenced by artist like Scarface, 2pac, LL Cool J, and I Cube, Doe’ja would have his first experience in hip hop in 1984 at the New Orleans World Fair. This would be the beginning of his ...

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