cannibal clown


CANNIBAL CLOWN is now in studio recording their new album titled THE DARK CARNIVAL, after feel years releaseing only internet stuff, finally a full fisical album to feed their maniac fans

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Clowns from a parallel circencis dimension who broke thru this universe to destroy this planet with their bizarre music, the freakrock...
Le troupe:
Fonzo Squizzo- InsaneVoice
Revson Ost- twisted Bass
Mogus Horrendus- Groovy drums
Mr.Sade- guitz
Majnoon Al Jabaar- Keybz


similar bands and influences:
Mr.Bungle, Faith No More, 24-7Spyz, FishBone, ScatterBrain, Melvins, Marilyn Manson, Primus, Mucky Pup, Pro-Pain and others...