Borges live and work out of Lisbon - Portugal and consist of Georges Borges, Eleanor Azedine, Luisa Santiago and Roy de Souza. Evident in their music is a loyalty to their communication. Their music is honest and attentive and this is the honour they show the listener. There is an extraordinary sens

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BORGES - With these five songs, Borges walks with you sprinkling over your imagination nostalgia and hope that drift through each season in beautiful light. Each expression is humble and gentle, fragrant and clean. The listener feels calm and travelled, explored and unexplored, naive and wise. An endearing collection of soulful tracks possessing bold and simple charm which beautifully believe in you.
Borges e.p. Edited in 2007: Georges Borges - digitally altered guitar and piano, vocals.
Eleanor Azedine - bass, blows, vocals.
Luisa Santiago - synths and samplers, turntablism
Roy de Souza - percussion, noises.