bigIdeas is a four piece band that pulls strongly on british influences such as Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and Keane.

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In the summer of 2005 bigideas was conceived by friends Bob Mills, Andrew Carnell and Daniel Truderung. Their vision was simple, create a fresh new spin on the music they loved the most and perform it live to as many people as they could. After carefully crafting an original set the band quickly took on the next inevitable task in any bands development, playing live shows and developing a fan base. It would not be long before bigideas were playing their own shows and filling venues like The Horseshoe and El Macombo. Shortly after completing The Great Escape EP with budding producer Brian Moncarz (Pilate, the Junction), the exceptional Darryl Litster was brought in to fill a void on bass. Built on driving rhythms and sprawling soundscapes the band showcases an emotional set that combines epic elements into the constraints of delicate and well written songs. From the escalating intensity of "The Great Escape", to the pounding attack of "Bullets", each composition bares a unique energy of