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BabyGrace are ready to be the breath of fresh air that the music world has been waiting for. The music is part stadium-sized U2 style anthems, part infectious pop hooks that Britney would kill for and part rock classics in the making but all with a dark edge ready to leap out at you from the shadows at any moment.

Reviews from UK Guitar Magazine (“Definitely ones to watch”), The Guardian (“A tantilising combination of riffs and loops”) and NME (“The future looks rosy for BabyGrace). Their live shows are becoming infamous on the London scene with storming sets at the Infinity Club, Turnmills and Borderline this year alone. The band’s music is also featured on a number of UK Independent films, the most recent of which is Everything to Dance For.

BabyGrace are set to blow the scene apart in 2005 with a number of shows lined up and label interest beginning to buzz around the band due to their outstanding new CD. If ever there was a band on the brink of breaking through, this is it!