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Berlin based BROZIOM (voc, saz, dance) started his first band „Alice Brennen“ in 1988 . With their turkish-irish-speedfolk this band was one of the first who explored the boundery between oriental and occidental in terms of rock, punk and folk music. Next projekt was „Jakata Omelette“ (1999), an electronic duo, which put multmedia aspects to the intercultural discourse. 2005 Broziom founded Babel Embassy with exceptional guitarist Marcin Dworski , who played before in bands such as „SEK“, „Antiprogress and „Be Hungry“. Babel Embassy playes asian grooves, synthypop, psychodelic and heavy guitar and saz. BROZIOM toasts and sings in fantasy lyrics he calls dada although they sometimes sound like real languages. On stage he uses a headset, which allows him to present performance-dance influenced by Laban and Butho technics. Friends like Ron Rocco and Torsten Hennig (chef private) put their videoart to the project. babel embassy is a plain bulwark against terrorists who still control the mu