leisur hive


"Dark, slowly uncoiling post rock open wound adventure to change the way you stand..." Organ, UK.

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Neck Decision

 Artist: leisur hive
Genre:  Alternative
Mood: None
Description: From the ORG RECORDS compilation "THIS IS WHY YOU BOOKMARKED ME"
Cost: Sale Introductory Offer: first 10 tracks for sale at $0.85

Track Credits

Producer: Leisur Hive
Engineer: Mark Bishop & Daniel Knowler
Musicians: Daniel Knowler, Maria Vellanz, Mark Bishop, Bob Leith.
Composer: Leisur Hive
Publisher: Leisur Hive
Label: Actual Size

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Length: 00:03:13 (hh:mm:ss)
Bit Rate: 128 kbps
Sample Frequency: 44100 Hz
MP3 Mode: Joint Stereo
MP3 File Size: 3024 kB
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