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One Tough Nation

 Artist: The Queue
Genres:  Rock
Mood: None
Description: A tongue in cheek look at how the UK has now become an open house for everyone to enjoy this once great empire.
Cost: $0.75

Track Credits

Producer: The Queue Consortium
Engineer: Mike Godden
Musicians: Connor Smith - Vocals Sean Smith - Guitar/Vocals Scott Mcgregor - Bass Alex Hutchison - Guitar/Vocals Jamie Ford - Drums
Composer: Sean Smith
Legal Notice: Copyright - The Queue Consortium 2009
ISRC: GBKEW0900009

Track Rating

Arkade Users' Rating: 7½
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Length: 00:04:09 (hh:mm:ss)
Bit Rate: 192 kbps
Sample Frequency: 44100 Hz
MP3 Mode: Joint Stereo
MP3 File Size: 5839 kB
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