"Indiediscoelectrosexpunk from Reading. Steve Lamacq / Radio1 / 6Music / XFM / Fly Magazine / DrownedinSound recommended."

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News - Updated 7/7/2006


Firstly, thanks to anyone that came to see us recently... it means alot... There are new live dates appearing all the time, including some instore performances...

-Thanks to Claire Dickinson, who picked us to be part of her KoobaRadio Show - you can listen here: KoobaRadio

-"The Sun" have picked us to be part of their "battle of the bands" (other bands include Dirty Pretty Things & the Fratellis).. Please vote for us! The link you need is here: SunOnline

-The nice people at Vodafone chose our faces to be used on their new music website... check our great bone structures here: VodafoneMusic We'll also have a copy of the Vodafone 3G advert that we feature on, apparantly it went out all over Europe...

Ok, some nice quotes-

Launch Party Live Review
"The bands individual performances were electrifying, and together they are Rebus."

Glasswerk - EP Review
"Youd never know that there was anything quite so amazing lurking and festering in the undergrowths of Reading, so unknown but so familiar, so unexpected but so desired. One listen to Rebus and you quite literally realise instantly that they are ALL THAT and more."

Josaka - EP Review
"What you need to know is this: new release The Red EP is brilliant"

Any way, lots more on our site - ...