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"Captivating and innovative... a diverse songwriter..." (BBC Radio)

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 Artist: Matt Rees
Genres:  Rock
Mood: Fun / Upbeat
Description: Progressions is the latest album by Matt. It was recorded in Bedford Uk with musician and good friend Mat Roberts. The album is 'feelgood funky' and as ever Matt has endevoured to create balanced, meaningful and catching songs. Although the genre says rock it is mixed bag of pop/blues/funk really.
Cost: $7.20
1. You forget it all.. $0.75
2. Stay with me.. $0.75
3. Im sorry.. $0.75
4. Shes gone.. $0.75
5. Cinema man.. $0.75
6. Pain.. $0.75
7. Under the city.. $0.75
8. No one out there.. $0.75
9. Frustration.. $0.75
10. Where did we go.. $0.75