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16/01/09 - 'Settle' EP now available as CD and download!

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Settle EP

 Artist: Finn Daniel
Genres:  Pop
Mood: None
Description: An EP for Winter 2008, 8 tracks in all (6 songs and 2 string versions) recorded at FDM studios in the midlands and produced by John Parker from chart toppers Nizlopi. Watch videos and listen to more at: WWW.FINNDAN.CO.UK WWW.MYSPACE.COM/FINNDANIEL
Cost: $6.90
1. Snap.. $1.05
2. If I Got Good.. $1.05
3. I Cant Tell If Youre Joking.. $1.05
4. You Look Like You Mean It.. $1.05
5. Not All There.. $1.05
6. Cheer Up.. $1.05
7. If I Got Good (strings).. $1.05
8. Not All There (strings).. $1.05