Dash Stuti Panchakam


Ranjan Kumar Dash is a devotional singer, noted for chanting / reciting sanskrit verses, who has chanted all the five sanskrit songs in the Audio Album Stuti Panchakam.

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Track Credits

Track Name: Shree Krishnastakam

Composer: Written by Shrimad Jagadguru Shankarachary, tune composed by Pudit Dasharathi Dash
Producer: Dash Cassettes
Engineer: Stuti Panchakam
Musicians: Manmath Mishra
Publisher: Dash Cassettes has launched the devine Audio Album "Stuti Panchakam" as a spiritual promotion in propagating religion and peace.

Track Name: Durga Stuti

Composer: The tune composed by Pundit Dasharathi Dash and sung by Ranjan Kumar Dash
Producer: M/s Dash Cassettes
Engineer: Stuti Panchakam
Musicians: Music composed by Manmath Mishra
Publisher: M/s Dash Cassettes, owned by Pundit Dasharathi Dash, has promoted the audio album "Stuti Panchakam".