Adontes worked with the likes of Phil Asher ,Grant Nelson and Dave Lee at the former Republic records producing another club classic "Feel it".

Adonte is finishing his long, awaited début album; "

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Adonte is back from a self imposed Music business exile, of more than 13 years. Back in 1989 Adonte had a club hit with 'Dreams' one of the few UK tracks (at that time) doing the rounds in the "New York" and "New Jersey" club scenes. 'Tony Humphrey’s' was a fan back in the day and would play 'Dreams' in most of his sets. Adonte would be the first to acknowledge the power of the sampled intro (of which he was the first to use in such a way) which has been used on a multitude of dance and club tracks to date; in which the now famous phrase is quoted:" I've got something for your mind, your body and you soul". Adonte gave himself a real difficult act to follow however in 1990 with a change of labels he released “Feel it” which was a real hybrid; for it had a real laid back tempo of 105bpm’s however was plaid by the likes of the Godfather of House music; Frankie Knuckles on his, “Choice: A Collection of Classics” compilation which came out in 2000.