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Abiogenesis is a rock/fusion band from Nagaland, India Their exploration & experimentation has resulted in a new form of world music which they have named 'Howey' which is a fusion of Naga Folk (India) tunes with modern music . They also play a new wind musical instrument made of bamboo invented by a band member Moa. Abiogenesis is the only band in the world to play Howey & Bamhum. They have performed in many places in India and Thailand.
They have released a new album worldwide titled ‘Rustic Relish through their indie label APH Records which is available online through www.cdbaby.com/abiogenesis4 and 60 plus digital distribution COs. Rustic Relish is listed for the 51st Grammy Awards in 4 categories:
Details given below:-

1 Category 11 - Best Pop Vocal Album
Album : Rustic Relish
2 Category 7 - Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or
Group With Vocals
a. Be Free Like A Bird
b. Rumble Tumble
3 Category 9 - Best Pop Instrumental Performance
Nap In The Couch
4. Category 8