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The history of ZAMARRO, the swiss rock-trio from Basel, started in april 2002. After Markus Gisin`s previous band LUNAZONE split in march 2002, he went on the lookout for musicians for his new musical project. The drummer was found quickly; LUNAZONE sound technician and ex- HELL MUTE- drummer, Michael Hediger. The set-up was completed by bassplayer Marco Redolfi, who had played in several bands and projects. The three guys knew how ZAMARRO should sound from the beginning: driving, heavy and direct. After experimenting hours and hours in search of a big, powerful sound - something not easily achieved as a trio - they started to concentrate on writing songs. The first proof of what ZAMARRO are capable of, is their 6-track 10"-vinyl and CD entitled "1st race", which was recorded live in their practice room and released by the german indie-label "Middle Class Pig Records" (The Masons, Cretin 66, The Blondes) in november 2002. This record was distributed in the whole of Europe (Switzerland: