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Xiomara Medina has been in the background collaborating with local groups in New York as a performer/songwriter. She’s worked with local acts, such as Retumba, and the group Aphrodites. She has been featured in several MTV shows such as Global Grooves and Jams. Her song “Sex in New York City” was licensed by TBS as part of their commercial campaign for the hit show Sex in the City.
Now it’s her time to step up and show the world what she has to say. Every artist yearns to find the style that defines them but nothing defines ones self more than life experiences and this is what “Temperatures of my life” is about. This debut album by the songstress captures her moods and feelings, which she transcends in her lyrics and melodies.
“When I first got into the studio, I decided I wanted to make an album that represents who I am. I made a conscious decision of merging English and Spanish tracks. For more info visit xiomaramedina.com