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Born and Raised in New Orleans Xalent became exposed to music at a young age. At age eleven Xalent wanted to learn how to be an DJ, but he gave it up to become a rapper. He battled neighborhood and city known emcees and started a small name for himself. At age thirthteen he recorded his first mixtape and founded the rap group called "The Franchise". He experimented with certian styles and songs in hip hop instead of the average gangsta mentality of every rapper at the time. A year later he started becoming interrested in producing songs he was always a fan of the way a song sounded besides the lyrics. I started to find his "signature sound". At fifteen he created an music production company called R.T.M. (Rock The Mic) Productions and was releasing original songs by him and The Franchise. Now at seventeen he's here to not tojust be in the industry but to be one of the "power forces" in it.