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It was like a bad dream...

Why So Serious Are Pete Hatred- Bass/Vocals

Stevey Psycho- Guitar/Vocals

HR HI Hat Drums

Why So serious was formed early in 2007 and was previously called Hate Is Natural, when founding members Pete and Steve started playing in Pete's Garage playing a few covers we never really expected to accomplish anything, we just played for fun, If you can't enjoy what you do whats the point?

An unlikely partnership was formed, with Steve's fast paced punk/rock guitar riffs and Pete's jazz/rock bass, no-one would expect it to work, but somehow it did, and with the addition of the very talented Hanner on drums the band was complete, and we haven't looked back since.

We are looking for gigs at the moment, and will consider any offers

And the rest is still to be written...

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