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Born Marvin Clarke AKA Wasp on December 15 in 1982
this extra-ordinary talented artist has his mind on the game. An
incredible songwriter he is, filled with fresh and creative ideas ready to
join the new generation of both hip-hop and dancehall. His major goals
include topping the International charts and to be a part of making the
music a permanent staple on a worldwide scale. Wasp first realizes the
change of his music from hobby to professional came while he was still in
high school. He entered a talent contest that was staged by a
Restaurant called Chicken Supreme, where he took home the grand prize. This was
where he got his stage name "Wasp”, after his friends claiming he gave
a hot and "wassy" stint. In 1996 he began performing on almost every
stage show events thereafter. He also did his first dub recording that
year for a sound called,” Magic Touch". The song was a success leading to
the recording of even more specials for other sound system (DJ'S).