The Reggae Superstar Walkerton.
One of the brightest and newest stars to step on the Reggae Scene. Be one the look out for this Artist.

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Walkerton was Born Marvin Walker 1978 in Kingston Jamaica. He began making music at a very early age. The name Walkerton was given to him because as a youngster he would walk everywhere he went. He would go to school and spend all his money, including his bus fare and would not have any means of getting home except to walk. He was always the last one home because everyone else took the bus home while he walked. There were times when his brothers and sisters would be on the bus and see him walking along on his way home. They started calling him Walkathon because he loved walking so much. Because his last name is Walker, he decided to change the nickname it to Walkerton to add flavor to the meaning and pronunciation. Is it ironic that his name is Walker and he loves walking and is now called Walkerton? When asked what he thought about that he said "That is just the story of my life, it is not irony but faith".