Im W3Z . Rapper/Producer im just trying to get my music heard by as many people as possibly. so dont hessitate to pass on my imfomation to others. also check me out at www.betarecords.com/w3z

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live in: england/hull
post code: hu74sg
E-mail; wezourkid@hotmail.co.uk (plz add me)
inspiring Rapper/Producer

music Bio: iv been writting music for a few years now and iv just recently completed and album wich is made up of 15 track. some of these track you will be able to listen on various other websites.also including www.esnips.com/web/WEZMUSIC
iv started work on a whole bunch of new tracks when they are completed fully you will be able to listen to them on this web site and various other websites. i hope you like the songs iv made. All my songs ive written and produced by myself . Thankz for checkin out ma page
W3Z please preview ma songs

you can also check out mc flip on www.betarecords.com/mcflip