VirginiaSlim is a 2 5 year old songwriter, composer.Born and raised in the Show-Me-State, she knows what it means to show and tell. Her talents lye in Hiphop, rap, Rnb as well as pop.

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There are too many different aspects of my life for me to pinpoint a place to start. I try not to reminice on my past unless it's too a hot track of some kind. I am not to be defined nor Judged through a simple paragraph that I put together in a matter of 20 minutes. My life is a full course meal but I only have time to serve you the appetizer.
I'm Virginia Slim representing the Dirty Midwest, a.k.a the "Show-Me-State." And I'm here to show you what it is that I can do for you, with you and to you. I am not to be classified nor compared to. I'm a unique Individual who embraces Individuality.
Being blessed to see the age of 25 years old, I have been allowed the ability to experience the number one asset any real artist could experience, "life."
I'm not sure when it was I began to love music. It wasn't at birth, I wasn't born into it because I knew nothing about it. At the age of 7, I tried playing the flute as well as the piano. I quit both due to not having the patience. I like t