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VIOLENT DEVOTIES was born in fall 2000 by Gerald Valentin (guitar, vocals) and Manuel Rainer (drums). With various band members they recorded their first full length album "Grind Bitch Perversions" in fall 2001, which got released through Metal Wrath Music. Over the years the band played various shows and festivals with established bands like Six Feet Under, Vader, Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy, Macabre, Behemoth, Pungent Stench, and many more. In summer 2004 the band entered Czech Hellsound Studio and recorded their full length album "Entwined by Vengeance" which got released in 2005 through Resound Gr!nd Records. Since the release the band got more than very good reviews for their album. In fall 2006 Vengeance Media Group re-released the bands first album "Grind Bitch Perversions" with various bonus tracks, like live tracks, remixes, pre-recordings ecc.
At the moment the band is finishing their song writing for their forth coming album "Within the Great and the Venom" which will get recor