Timeless band with a new twist. Most closely catagorized as Rap Metal the likes of rage against the machine new millinium style. A brand new sound built from established tried and true basics.

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It feels like you've been driving for hours. You're constantly flipping back and forth from classic rock to modern rock, with an occasional check on the top 40 just to see if you can find something, anything, to break the monotony. Somewhere between stations the tuner knob on the radio breaks off and falls to the floor. Frustrated, you reach for the off button. But wait, what is this? Sounds like something you've heard before, the song you used to rock out to back in college. But at the same time its so unfamiliar and new. It seems like your radio has sensed your frustration, and merged all your favorite songs for your entertainment. The DJ comes on to promote this band that just swept you away to a new level of intrigue. Vintage, he says. Whos Vintage? Vintage, is music that explains itself. Vintage, is a refreshing band that cares about their artistic vision, and entertains with unmatched intensity. Listen, and when someone asks you, What's with this band? Listen and you'll hear it.